Tuesday, February 15, 2022

My Books and Projects from the Covid19 Era 2020-2021

 Hi everyone, 

Oh what a year or two its been living through the Covid19 pandemic era with the the rest of the world!

we have all been touched by a change in our lives in one way or anything during this time and, we are going through the decline of Omicron variant, which isn't over yet. I wish you all the best in the coming days and years.

Although I have spent much of the last two years in self-imposed and sometimes state-imposed Covid lockdown I have managed to start and finish a few online writing projects while not having wifi and only using my phone iffy hotspot! 

Here's a couple projects I finished....

And I wrote and published a new 220 page dog training book! Yay!! 

Since publication the new book, Start Mantrailing has traveled around the globe helping people start dogs on finding lost and missing persons. 

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New Book Release Sept. 11, 2021

Release date set to honor 9/11 - K9 Search and Rescue Teams
The 10 year anniversary of Family Disaster Dogs books, blog and lesson

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A share of book sales is donated to RRI North Scotland in appreciation and support for their cause. They provide trained operational dog teams that aid for missing persons.

Start Mantrailing is the 3rd book from USA search dog trainer and author 
Amber Higgins founder of Family Disaster Dogs


Plus I added an online store to my Family Disaster Dogs site where you can order all my books signed and delivered with a nice note directly from me. 
Here's the FDD books page  <<<click

The biggest news is I have found a great place in the countryside where I will be organic gardening, raising chickens and training a few dogs. I can't wait to share more alternative ways of doing everyday things with you here as I become more sustainable and self-sufficient myself !

I would like to welcome you to follow me and share any ideas you have for herbal medicine from the wild, growing food and sustaining our lives on this beautiful planet we call home..

Check back here for updates or visiting my author page on facebook, my dog site or any of the many other online ways to follow me. 

Have a great year 2022 everyone!


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Journey the River to the Sea

Journey Down the River to the Sea

From the Mountains to The Coast 

The River meets the Sea

 Rivers bring water and life to the world's oceans

What do humans bring to this beautiful world?

Take a journey through 300 years of history and the settlement of America 
under the branches of a stately Oak Tree. 

From an acorn to old age, the forest changes with time from the arrival of native tribes
 and settler families on horseback to retirement homes on wheels 
as the modern age came to live life next to the old tree by the brook.

Like a River

Stay Safe Everyone in these Uncertain Times

Until we meet again,,,,,each step begins a new trail

Thursday, November 7, 2019

My Puppy Can Find Me by Amber Higgins

Does your child know what to do if they are lost?

Do you know what to do? 

Do you have a pet dog of any age,size or breed? 

Thank you for reading my blog, I'm based in the USA and this children's book is a 3 year project come to life Nov 1, 2019. During this book's writing journey I connected online with a wonderful talented dog cartoonist and graphic artist who happens to live across the pond in the UK. Together and with her unwavering help, the draft for this book's vision was created. 

After failed attempts unloading the drafts to Amazon which can be tricky to say the least, even after having self-published my other books without graphics. I was lucky to find and be accepted as 1 of 50 books released in 2019 under Waldorf Publishing- (Thank you BT !).

A special thanks goes out to these two talented women and everyone involved at so many different levels in the publishing world who brought this idea to life. Thank you! 

Read on to see how "My Puppy Can Find Me" picture book with illustrations from UK dog cartoonist shows the whole family what to do if a child is ever lost or missing and how a pet dog can find the child. 

Available worldwide online and in book stores everywhere.

My children's book is available directly from Waldorf Publishing

Help me spread the word by leaving a honest review on book's page, or in the comments below. Online reviews help online search engines find this valuable book. 
Please share so other families can learn how a dog can help find a child. 

A fun story teaches your child and pet dog to "Go find Mom!"


My Puppy Can Find Me picture book is your child’s first step on an exciting learning experience that will teach them what to do if they are lost or find themselves alone. 

By reading this picture book with your children the whole family will learn what to do if they are ever separated or missing and how the family dog can be of assistance during emergencies. 

This new concept of dog training teaches search dog skills to family dogs for in-home family rescue and missing person emergencies. Your children will learn valuable lessons by doing these fun exercises that reinforce and teach the pet dog and family to work together during crisis situations to overcome fear and survive. 

The whole family learns how to use the family dog to the full advantage regardless of the age, size or breed of the dog. As a family member and part of the pack your dog always knows where each member of the pack is at, this is natural for the dog to know and we as dog owners only need to learn how to take advantage of this natural instinct our dogs possess.

See my USA Author page on Amazon 

Go to UK Author Page on Amazon

Email me to have a signed copy delivered to your door 

I hope you enjoy my new book ! 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

How to heal Sunburn and other uses for Tomato

Did you know that in 1893 the Supreme Court of the United States reclassified the Tomato as an official vegetable? Even though it is botanically a fruit and always will be and up until 1812 it was feared poisonous, like other members of the Deadly Nightshade family. The Tomato is now the most consumed fruit or vegetable in the US.
Photo by Alex Ghizila on Unsplash

Sunburn Remedy

As a healing herb, the Tomato has many uses. Peeled and sliced then soaked in buttermilk is helpful when applied directly to sunburned skin. Not only will this help the pain, it will also turn the redness to a moderate tan color. If you would rather not place the Tomato slices all over yourself, you can puree them into a cream.

Photo by Dennis Klein on Unsplash

Tomatoes can be used for to halt the festering of wounds and sores with good

The Tomato contains a high level of potassium making them beneficial for
hypertension and it has been said they help build strength in those people who lack energy.

Tomatoes are known to stimulate the liver and help dissolve fat which may help
prevent hardening of the arteries.

Photo by Maja Petric on Unsplash

Monday, March 25, 2019

Alternative Avenues to Self Sufficiently

Alternative Ave

Alternative Living Articles

Information about living more Self Sufficiently

Safe and Natural Alternatives to Chemicals

Why ?

Using plants for healing and herbal cures can save money and peace of mind.
Many ingredients are safe for your family and already in your kitchen.
Saving money and making your family safe will make everyday life a little easier.
Every tip and hint found in the articles on this blog are time-tested and proven by many years usage
By the author, friends and neighbors

These articles are written from personal experience.
They are not copied here for you to find.
Some are very common recipes or remedies.

Others unknown and lost in folktales only to be brought back to life here for your enjoyment.

I penned a herbal healing newspaper column for two years in the 1990's

I will one day get those articles typed into the computer and here for everyone...they were originally typed on an old royal typewriter, I have the drafts and newspapers. Hard to believe after so many moves and miles and years,

yes I still have them :) pat me self on the back ...

Go to the home page for more!

Along with writing about Herbal Medicine and Folklore, I enjoy writing about Dogs and Puppies

Based on thirty years of professional experience

Master Groomer, Certified Search Dog instructor,

Pet trainer and Breeder of award winning

A.P.B.T, German Shepherd Dogs
And Bloodhounds

Thank you for visiting, liking and sharing !

Be sure and Bookmark in case you ever need a remedy!!

Check out my Books 

This site is for information purposes only.

La de da! 

You Only Live Once!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Identify Healing Plants

Identify Healing Plants

How do we find out if the plant growing on the back fence is poison oak or beautiful morning glory? 

The plant could be a healing herb but how do you know? 

Learning how to identify plants to see if they are harmful or healthy can be helpful especially when the plants are growing in your yard and a person in the house has allergic reactions.

Many of the weeds and wild plants in our yards and forest are beneficial for healing. 

Others are edible and can supplement a meal while some are poisonous and should be avoided.  It is better to know beforehand which plants are harmful to some people so we can avoid allergic reactions.

Items needed: Gloves, Scissors, Paper bag, access to the Web or Library

     Locate the plant that you want to identify. Put on gloves before handling the plant.  If you do not have gloves with you then a piece of paper or material will work to pick up a leaf of the plant.

  1.  Using scissors cut off a piece of the end of one branch of the plant so you have a couple of leaves and part of the stem. If the plant has flowers, take one flower.
  2. Place the trimmings in the paper bag or container to carry home or to the library.
  3. Go online and look up plants for the area of the country you are in. It is very important to do this because plants change and adapt for different locations. The plant may not look the same as it does in another area.
  4.  Spread your trimming out on a piece of paper and look closely at the leaves. Take note of the veins, shape and size of each leaf. Also pay attention to how the leaf is attached to the stem and if the stem is round, square, smooth or rough. Another clue is if the plant is a shade loving or sun loving plant.  Every bit of information can be helpful, like is the whole plant a bush or a single stalk plant.  All of these notes will assist you in deciding which plant you have.
  5. Compare the plant trimmings and notes with examples you find online or in plant books. Always double check another description or example to make sure you have the right identity for the plant.
  6. Another excellence place to learn about plants that are native to your area is the county extension office that often has flyers and handouts about local plants.
  7.  Never use a plant that you are unsure of for healing or eating. Always double check to make sure the plant is identified correctly.

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