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How to make a Herb Cold and Flu Remedy Tea

painting by Tammy Lovelady and I own it :)
Now that winter has brought a chill to the air it is time to stock the medicine cabinet with the herbs to make a nice cup of tea that boosts the immune system and fights colds and flu. Here are a couple of my favorite herbs for use in fighting off colds and the flu.
The herbs listed are well known for their ability to strengthen the body' snatural defense system. Echinacea and Rose Hips are best taken right at the onset of the cold or flu symptoms when they have a better chance of assisting your body in fighting off the bugs and you will not get as sick as you would had without these herbs. If you are already sick, then add Goldenseal to the Echinacea and Rose Hips tea to help get you back on your feet faster.These are safe herbs that are available at Drug Stores and Health Food stores in a variety of forms. I have used these herbs with family members of all ages for years with excellent results. If tea isn't your pleasure then you can …

How to Get family Assistance and help in rural countryside areas

It can be a devastating blow to be laid off or suddenly out of work when you live far away from the City's available assistance programs. Many small towns are not equiped or prepared for families to lose jobs, incomes and homes like the large cities are and It can be much harder to find help when you live 10-20 miles from town, especially when you do not have gas money, or if bad winter weather hits and food is low without gas and cash to stock up. I hope these tips are helpful. See my article for helpful hints: To the artist who painted the above photo, I will give credit to you if you let me know who you are..I love your work!!!

Is this Egg Good to Eat???

If you have ever wondered if an egg is good to eat then this helpful hint will make it easy for you tell when the egg is going bad. I raised 100's of chickens, ducks, peafowl and turkey chicks and kept eggs for up to 3 weeks without refrigeration for my family to eat by using this simple egg test........... photo is by:

Easy to make Ricotta Cheese

Here is a easy recipe to make Ricotta Cheese.