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Many times in my life others have exclaimed, 
"What an adventurous life you have led!” 

 I usually smile slightly, nod and then point out, 
”That’s what life is all about.”

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Amber S. Higgins

Author, Herbalist

K9 Expert,Survivalist

Beautiful Lady and Adventurous Soul

Jan 2016 Update

8 Dec 2015
The Family Disaster Dog Book was officially released 
and published in a handy fit in a backpack sized 
softcover and as an Ebook 
Tate Publishing

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Family Disaster Dogs

Visit for 

Free Dog Training Lessons
 that show you 
How your Dog can Rescue You !

Amber's next book out was available here and online as a self published project.
"A Squirrel Planted an Acorn" is posted below and in previous posts, it will no longer be available in that format as it is being reproduced by Tate Publishing for official release soon. 

2010--More About me :)

Amber has always loved to write, and along with this blog she has over 100 articles published online and is the author of which will soon be released as a book with online copies available. 

When her daughter was young she wrote a children's fairy tale for Anastasia at Christmas time each year. These children's tales have been keep in storage for 20 years and are in line to be published. 

The books will be added to this page when they become available and you can subscribe at the right to make sure a notice arrives in your email.

A Squirrel Planted An Acorn is soon to be Available on Kindle

You can Get the Family Disaster Dog book on Kindle (click)

"A Squirrel Planted an Acorn"

An environmental awareness story for all ages.

This heartwarming tale is for those who wish 
for a greener lifestyle.

The story of American history,the pass 300 years as told by an Oak Tree. From wagon trains to Native Americans and early settlers to modern motor homes this story shows how the good ole day's have gone by under a great old tree.

Tips and Tricks for Dog Lovers

Buy from Amazon $2.99

Three Decades of Dogs is the 1st in a series of dog care booklets and books Amber will be coming out with over the next year or two. All of these books are based on 30 years experience working privately and professionally with dogs of all lifestyles.


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