Thanks for Stopping By 2016

 Thanks for Stopping By...throughout the last year ! 

Happy Holidays !

Have a great 2017 ! 

wow it's hard to believe it's 2017 ...I remember when we thought living to 2000 would be amazing and weren't we suppose to have flying cars by now, robot maids who did the dishes (i wish ) and homes in the clouds.

Thank you everyone ! 

We made it this far and I look forward to continuing to the walk on Mother Earth with you humans on the other side of this computer screen ...where life is still beautiful and green, where the air is still fresh and breathable, where water flows naturally into our lakes and rivers so the fish can still swim to our dinner tables.

Take care in safe and enjoy life's many wonders and treasures along the way.

photo by Amber Higgins 2015
photos by Amber Higgins
North Jetty at the Pacific Ocean and Siuslaw River

May you be safe and warm 


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