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Pictured is Wendy Nan Rees- Pet Lifestyle Advisor and Little Man

portraits of Wendy Nan Rees with dog

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Lend Your Paw to Help Other Paws in Need

Hey everybody, we are so excited to tell you that Wendy’s main web site is back online and running again !

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Created for pet lovers, this site is designed to enhance you and your pet's happiness, comfort, and love! Directed by Wendy Nan Rees—the true Pet Lifestyle Advisor—this is a resource where you will discover new pet tips, recipes and products, get professional advice, and much more.

With 25+ years’ experience in the pet industry, Wendy Nan Rees is recognized the Pet Lifestyle Advisor and “Go-to & How-to Girl” in the pet community. She is a noted pet author and has written five well-received books.

Wendy Nan Rees, is well known for her ‘TWO MINUTE PET TIPS’



What’s New in The Shop

Lucky Dog Charms™ The People’s Charm now made for you and your pets. Always keeping an eye out for you, your best friend & Your Family©2009 Barking bar Productions

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Stay tuned for the New Evil Eye Store featuring all the different styles of Dog Charms coming soon to !

Front of eye booklet

inside of eye booklet

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