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Identify Healing Plants
How do we find out if the plant growing on the back fence is poison oak or beautiful morning glory?  The plant could be a healing herb but how do you know? 
Learning how to identify plants to see if they are harmful or healthy can be helpful especially when the plants are growing in your yard and a person in the house has allergic reactions.
Many of the weeds and wild plants in our yards and forest are beneficial for healing. 
Others are edible and can supplement a meal while some are poisonous and should be avoided.  It is better to know beforehand which plants are harmful to some people so we can avoid allergic reactions.
Items needed: Gloves, Scissors, Paper bag, access to the Web or Library

     Locate the plant that you want to identify. Put on gloves before handling the plant.  If you do not have gloves with you then a piece of paper or material will work to pick up a leaf of the plant.

Using scissors cut off a piece of the end of one branch of the plant so…


I've often wondered what all the noise, flashing lights and plinking everything in our life does to our senses. My home office is full of a bunch of blinking lights from electrical hardware when I turn off the overhead lights at night.

Everything is plugged in charging, getting ready to sound off in the morning at start up of another day..beep, beep,ring,,, tone sound, text message and purr the printer is ready.

Start up is pretty noisy and the lights are sort of pretty but what does this do to my mind, body and senses?

As a dog trainer who has worked with many traumatized animals I know how noise and lights can affect their senses and ability to relax or concentrate.

What about us humans?

Can noise, flashing lights and background fuss affect us?

I often see animals that are very shy or afraid of loud noises, animals don’t put on a persona or personality like humans do in pretending we can handle life.

Animals don’t worry what another dog will think of them if they are scared or …