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Incredible Nature Video

Here is an incredible nature film by Jean Jacques Annaud

The Bear
If you love nature and animals, you really have to watch this!

Thanks to for posting this and Rick for sending it to me.

Belief Systems

Belief Systems
Pain Management

Placebos prove the power of the mind

Everything is based on our belief systems 
In other words, it's all in our is too 
 When we meet, speak or interact  all we do is let each other  into our heads for awhile  like when I come online  to surf.....
I venture here for while to refuel my mind   to refresh my place in yours to post to the world, "here I am"
To make my life more fun to be adding this taste for you to see as my mind forms along the way we shall see what belief I'll find to hold

Meditation  Meditation can reduce pain and manage other aspects of our body.
Pain is manageable with the use of meditation. In this video researchers have been doing brain scans of people who meditate regularly. The researchers found that the brain did respond during mediation and the response was in an area of the brain a person could feel and relate to. 

An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away

The old saying" An apple a day, keeps the doctor away", may very well prove itself true one day. Every part of the apple tree; fruit, flowers, buds, leaves, bark and twigs have been used as a medicinal herb. The one draw back is the apple has is that the seeds are Toxic! 
Digesting more seeds then the few seeds each apple holds should not be consumed. This is why our livestock that get into the apple trees are often found very sick afterwards. As little as one cup of seeds have been known cause death.
Apples are all descended from the Wild Crab Apple, a member of the Rose family. The rose also has many medicinal uses. The inner part of the bark of the apple tree is generally preferred by the herbalist for healing, partly because, the bark can be obtained fresh year round from the tree.
The buds, blossoms and leaves are gathered by healers in the spring, just before reaching maturity.

Apples themselves are excellent for anyone suffering fro…