Radiation Concerns-Natural Iodine

Toxicologist Lee Tin-lap at the Chinese University of Hong Kong said such a radiation level was not an immediate threat to people but the long-term consequences were unknown.

"You are still breathing this into your lungs, and there is passive absorption in the skin, eyes and mouth and we really do not know what long-term impact that would have," Lee told Reuters by telephone.

Around eight hours after the explosions, the U.N. weather agency said winds were dispersing radioactive material over the Pacific Ocean, away from Japan and other Asian countries.


"Radioactive material will reach Tokyo but it is not harmful to human bodies because it will be dissipated by the time it gets to Tokyo," said Koji Yamazaki, professor at Hokkaido University graduate school of environmental science.

 "If the wind gets stronger, it means the material flies faster but it will be even more dispersed in the air."

In other words and in my words...they do not know really what harm this disaster will produce in the long run...

Radiation does occur naturally and we are exposed to its effects daily but the human body can only take so much and once the limit within the body is reached the immune system can not keep up and the body begins to break down.

With this in mind, it stands to reason to prevent damage to the body from over-exposure to radiation a person should boost the immune system with extra radiation fighting foods and herbs.

Here's a list of herbs and foods I found that may help us protect ourselves against any damage in the long run...which may be many years from now...

Here is a forum that explains what radiation sickness is and there is a great discussion going on about cures.

Great Advice and explanation here too:

FDA site about Radiation:

Godspeed everyone !


Potassium Iodide...natural replacement = Bananas

Kelp is a natural KI source.The iodide content can range 

from 89 g to 8165 mcg/g in Asian varieties, making prepared foods content difficult to estimate. Eating 3-5 grams of most dried, unrinsed seaweeds will provide the 100-150 micrograms iodide recommended daily allowance.

Side effects of Iodide Treatments: IMPORTANT!!

Potential Acute Health Effects: Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (corrosive, irritant), of eye contact (irritant,
corrosive), of ingestion.

Potential Chronic Health Effects:

Mutagenic for mammalian somatic cells. [Potassium


DEVELOPMENTAL TOXICITY: Classified Reproductive system/toxin/
female, Development toxin [POSSIBLE] [Potassium Iodide]. 

The substance may be toxic to blood, skin, eyes, thyroid.
Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage.

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