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The World of the Enchanted Flower, The 5th Direction

Time is man made. Time exists because a person paid attention to how long a day was or how much they could get done in a day. People are the only living beings who have time.

Other living beings exists in a rhythm of rest and motion some with patterns based on dark or light but none by a clock on the wall except us.

We too, are the only ones who have been able to write and leave a tale of our existence for others to learn of. No other living being can leave behind a written word or photographs like us, the other living beings leave only frozen fossil foot prints in the sand.

Sharing thoughts and teachings from Magdala

       "In this beautiful world where the true human being have always been, all is bonding into one, for it is the one that unfolded, the one that understands where you have always been, for you are being integrated into a higher version of your own self. There is one single language, that resides in the outside as well in the inside, for communication happens in a v…