A Birthday Wish

I have always felt the world should not be all about money..
I believe life is worth much more then money can ever buy.

The world has come to a point where all that matters is money.
People think without money they can not do anything
They do not try to do anything
unless they have the money.

This will be the downfall for many
when the time comes
people will see that money is not what life is about.

If the World was Like I Wish on my Birthday
If the world was like I wanted :)
I would drive my sun powered car to NY
which would cost me no money
because the sun is free and
I already paid for car...

Then I would get on a sailing ship to Europe that does not need gas or money to run..people would work the ship and take care of each other along the way in trade for the ride, cook,clean and sail..
no money needed...
then my friend would pick me in a sun power car
we go to her town where
we ride
no money needed they will eat grass along the way!

How fun that would be!
In the No money needed world of my dreams.

I would be very happy to go on this journey :) 

Ture, it would take longer to get there.
Look at all the fun we miss by zipping over to europe on a jet polluting all the way!

It is the journey through life
that counts
what we do along the way
is what is
important at the end.  


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