May all enjoy this Day to Love

Four Stones
Stone one is the color white, the stone of the clear
conscience. It is when the mind and spirit is free as
it searches for knowledge. The child in us asks the
world why, where and when? The child does not see the
evil or good in an event, but only see the event.

Stone two is the color blue, the stone of creativity.
As we gain knowledge our spirits soar in a sky of
unlimited possibilities. We do not create with our
hands, but rather with our hearts. The hands are only
tools used by the heart, which can create beauty or ugliness if we chose.

Stone three is the color red, the stone of wisdom and
fire. This can be a time of sharing, building and
harmony. Or, it can also corrupt and turn the soul
black with hatred and fear. We must seek the guidance
of the Great Spirit before we speak or take action.

Stone four is the color tan, the stone of remembrance.
What we leave behind for others is how we will be
remembered through the ages. Our children and our
children’s children will have the burden of our
actions and words. As we carry the stones of life,
place them gently in a circle on Mother earth so that
a warm fire will burn for all to see and be comforted.

StrongBearRedHeart ©Copyright 2001

Thank you Strong RED Heart for sharing your words for all to find and share.

Thank you Great Spirit for this day to Love..Ash


Anonymous said…
thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩ ........................................

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