Awakening the Cosmic Consciousness

Introducing a long time friend


Awakening the Cosmic Consciousness

The time is now…

The land is whispering,

the mystery is being revealed ..

The time of changes…

The time of integration..

The time of remember who you are…

The time of Ascension have come….

For the authentic human being recognizes the time to wake up

and embrace the cosmic way of thinking…

Wake up, and see all around you,

all in interconnection within you….

Oneness is always there …

A world that you always knew about it

Now is uncovered within you…

Join us in a beautiful adventure

A powerful workshop that will align you within your self,

With the dance of the mother,

With the cosmic way of thinking,

Unraveling the new world…

The time is now

In lakesh


January 30 Colorado contact

February 6 Chicago

February 20 Ohio contact

February 27 Minneapolis contact Trisha

March 14-22 Yucatan!

There still 2 places, embrace a powerful journey within the self in the sacredland of the Mayan,

Magdala Ramirez

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