My life experiences

My life experience includes; 15 years growing and harvesting from the wild many healing herbs and plants while living green on a Ozark mountain top in a solar powered, self sufficent homestead where I raised and homeschooled three children and a husband, a few dogs and many other animals.

For ten years (1997-2007) I volunteered as a Search and Rescue team member with my Bloodhounds and raised AKC Bloodhounds for search and rescue with 911 and fire dept. I have grandpups and pups aiding in the search for missing persons with fire departments all over the USA.

I raised top of the line APBT dogs before Bloodhounds for weight pulling and show in the 80's.

Along with 30 plus years that spanned all the above of owning and working professionally as an all breed master groomer and trainer with some of the best dogs and Championship breeders in the country.

Today I write articles that I hope will make your life easier. Enjoy and follow me.


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