What this Blog is About

I was recently asked what this Blog is about..so I thought I would Blog the answer.

This Blog is one of my Avenues to Alternative ways of doing everyday things..

This Avenue will lead you to my free articles on other Avenues.

Once there, I hope you will like and find the information useful that I share on how to make many common products at home that can save money and benefit your family.

Some of the helpful household hints that make a day at home go easier are about these topics and long time interests of mine.

Herb and natural health remedies for home and farm based on decades of experience.

Dog breeding, training and grooming how-to article based on 30 yrs professional experience.

Rare and Antique cooking Recipes I have collected over the years.

All of the how-to do just about everything articles are free to view and read.

This is my way of sharing with the world and learning from the world.

I welcome you to join me here on my blog.

I will in turn, follow and befriend your blog also.

Happy New Year to All!


Phil said…
Love the surreal artwork. Rather than being a (foot)bridge to nowhere, I suspect it's a (foot)bridge to everywhere. Alternative avenues, indeed.
Dr Doom said…
happy valentine day friend
Ash said…
Thanks for the comments..I only found them today ! 2 years late !

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