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Alternative Medicine Articles

Information about living more Self Sufficiently

Sunburn, Acne, Fleas and Snakes 
can be treated at home

Safe and Natural Alternatives to Chemicals

Using healing and herbal cures can save money 
and peace of mind.

The ingredients are safe for your family and already 
in your kitchen.

Saving money and making your family safe 
will make everyday life a little easier.

Every tip and hint found below and in the articles on this site

Time tested and proven by many years usage

By the author, friends and neighbors

These articles are written from personal experience

They are not copied here for you to find

Some are very common recipes or remedies

Others unknown and lost in folktales

Only to be brought back to life here for your enjoyment

Along with writing about Herbal Medicine and Folklore

 The author enjoys writing about Dogs and Puppies

Based on thirty years of professional experience

Master Groomer, Certified Search Dog instructor,

Pet trainer and Breeder of award winning

A.P.B.T, German Shepherd Dogs
And Bloodhounds

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